Monday, March 21, 2011

End of Day Reflection 3/21/11

Sometimes I am below expectations because I do not do my blog but today I am meets expectations. I almost finished my skiing project and did my Main Three Branches of Government project.

Today I did achieve my goals. I am almost finished with my skiing project. So far there is nothing I really have to do before Wednesday except interview my experts (Matt, Gaby, and Joanna). I have given them a brief outline of what I am going to ask them so they can be prepared. My next steps are to interview my experts and send them my project so I can get feedback and finish. I am very confident in myself with this project and I hope it turns out good.

Daily Goals 3/21/11

Today I am going to be working on my project. My plan is to try to stay as much focused as possible.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project Planning Form

Project Planning Form
Topic – Skiing

Essential Question - What makes someone a great skier?

List websites and other sources that you have identified to use for your research  -

Ideas for presentation of content – I am going to do a blog.

List three experts with contact information –
·         Joanna Huis –
·         Matt Alcock -
·         Gaby Eilon –

They are experts because they are actual ski instructors. They have gone on almost everything on the mountain. I am going to interview them and just learn better techniques.

Anticipated project completion date: 2 - 3 Weeks (March 24 or 25)

PBL Daily Goals 3/8/11

Today I am going to work on:

  • My India and China project
  • My standards paper
  • Finish my project planning form

Monday, February 7, 2011

Daily Goals Reflections - 2/7/11

I finished ALL of my goals today. On Wednesday I need to fix my wiki (I made my own) and redo the lesson part. That is all my goals today!

Daily Goals - 2/7/11

Today I am going to revise my OHpedia work. I got an email from my expert so I will revise it. Also if there is anything else we have to do I will do my best to finish it before I go back to Telluride. Those are my daily goals for 2/7/11.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Daily Goals - 2/2/11

Today I am going to try to write my Inca & Maya writing. I have already done OHpedia work and sent them off to experts. I have only gotten an e-mail from 1 out of 3. It was from Dr. Graves.